Dual-Wheel Polyurethane Container Swivel Caster


Tandemloc Container Casters rigidly clamp to ISO 1161 Corner Fittings, commonly found on Intermodal Freight Containers and many Military Shelters, generator set-ups and communication vans. The rigid clamp connection is one of the features that make our Container Casters the most reliable on the market today. Many designs offer a typical twistlock connection that is not clamped tight. In fact it is a loose connection, allowing the wheel to bind and scuff along, causing damage to the wheel or floor. Others tighten, but only modestly and the result is the same. If you value your container and it's contents, you will appreciate the rock solid clamped tight connection and overall ruggedness of this product.

Once installed, they provide an efficient way of mobilizing at low speeds (non-highway use). The common uses are moving containers in and out of a facility for maintenance, alterations, upfits or for complexing and loading shelters. Towbars are also available and these fit the end hole of the corner fitting. The Container Casters are very rugged products, available in a wide range of capacities and wheel types for different surfaces. The pneumatic casters are recommended for uneven surfaces or when floor damage is a concern. All casters are swivel type with a swivel lock, locking at 90° increments. This offers the user the most flexibility by allowing all to swivel for tight turns or to lock two (rear) if desired when towing.